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I am looking at the First Defense product to help us deal with a flea problem.  Our house is mostly hardwood floors, but we also have wall-to-wall carpets and rugs, including oriental rugs.  I’d like to know whether the product can cause any damage to carpets or rugs, and whether it will leave any visible trace or residue on any of them, including ones with dark colors.  Also, can you tell me whether the product lasts as long on woven rugs, which are not as thick and don’t have the same texture.

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We get a lot of questions about our Flea Trap. Most people are asking “what makes it so effective” and others are wondering if it “will work for my situation”. The bottom line is that our Flea Trap does a great job of attracting and catching fleas in homes, apartments and most any structure. Keep one installed where you suspect fleas are active – especially if you don’t have a pet or people moving much in the structure – since the trap does a great job of “rounding up” rogue fleas. Realtors and landlords should be especially interested since a vacant property full of fleas can’t sell or rent. Install some  Flea Traps and you’ll see a big reduction of this menacing pest making the property a lot more marketable.

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Can your products be used on dogs?  In particular the Stinger Stopper?  What other products, if any, are safe to use on dogs?
Thank you,
C. in Georgetown, SC  w/her dog who has developed allergies to insect bites!!

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