Flea and tick control

I’ve got several dogs that roam through an area that’s about 1/2 acre. We had a bad flea and tick problem last year and I don’t want them around this season. What can I do now to stop them from infesting my yard?

There are two things that should be done to keep these pests under control. First, you should review our flea control and tick control articles to get a better understanding of these pests. Both articles talk about using lawn granules and we are confident the Bifen Granules applied in the yard will do a good job. They’ll take care of both fleas and ticks and are safe for the dogs to walk over. Apply them every 30-45 days to keep these pests under control.

In the home, we suggest you spray with some Nylar and Esfenvalerate every 45-60 days. If you were just treating for fleas, you wouldn’t have to spray quite as much. But the ticks require some extra attention and care so more frequent applications are needed.