fleas and humidity

Do you know if high humidity will help fleas? I’m thinking my basement, which is always really moist, is an ideal place for fleas to be reproducing and since we seem to get a flea problem there each summer, I’m thinking the humidity might be the problem. Do you know if reducing the humidity will help stop the fleas from multiplying so much?

Fleas need humidity big time. In fact, if you keep the area dry and low in air moisture the flea problem will definitely diminish. One of our best flea products, the Once a Year Flea Powder, is very effective at reducing the fleas because it makes the place where the flea larvae and pupae so dry the flea cycle can’t complete like it can when it’s wet and moist. Get a dehumidifier and some Flea Granules for the carpeting and you should be able to keep the flea population under control.