best flea control product

How are you? I am a potential customer who is looking for flea control products that really work. I am looking for my mother who is living in Taiwan, where is very humid and warm. She has been having flea problems for a long time, and she has been fighting with fleas without effective tools.

It seems like right now the main problem area is within her and my dad’s long term unworn clothes. She was organizing the clothes one day and got tons of flea bites afterward. So we were wondering is there any kind of flea killing detergent that can be used with the clothes? Or the PERMETHRIN REPELLENT the only choice? Also, she personally prefers spray over other methods; which spray would you recommend to use on the furniture, curtains and rugs as to prevent from getting the fleas or to kill the fleas?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance and may you have a nice day!!

If you take a little time to review our extensive FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you will see we have several options that will help your Mother’s situation. The one common product we mention a lot is Permethrin because you can get it in the AEROSOL form as well as a CONCENTRATED form that you can mix up and spray onto carpets, furniture and rugs. I would say for the clothing, get the PERMETHRIN AEROSOL and before she puts anything away, she can give the clothing a quick spray to insure it doesn’t get contaminated.

As for the rest of the house, have them spray with the PERMETHRIN CONCENTRATE and NYLAR GROWTH REGULATOR tank mix. They’ll have to apply these with a good PUMP SPRAYER and it will take 1-2 gallons to spray the average home but within a few weeks the problem should be cured.

I also think installing a few FLEA TRAPS would be wise. These will capture any rogue fleas as well as other local pests that could be a problem which would enable them to properly identify anything else that might be biting her.

Lastly, we do sell a type of a detergent that can be added to the laundry which is mostly designed to stop lice and bedbugs. But over the years, we have had people use it for fleas too. It comes in a little bottle and is known as KLEEN FREE. This might be the best option for them to use in the wash.