best to kill fleas eggs

I see several products on your site that can kill fleas but I’m mostly interested in killing the eggs. I don’t have a problem yet but I don’t want to get one either. What product would be best to apply now to kill flea eggs?

Treating before you actually have a problem would be VERY smart. In fact, if you treat with something now to kill flea eggs in theory you should never get a flea infestation. We have many customers who do this and there is no doubt this is a great way to beat the flea problem before it has a chance to even happen.

As you can see in our Flea Control article, there are a few products that can be used on flea eggs. If you prefer to spray, get the Nylar concentrate and apply a couple of gallons throughout the home using a good Pump Sprayer. This will probably only need to be done once a year, in the spring, and should last the season. At most, two treatments a year would be required. The other option would be the once-a-year-flea-granules. This product is odorless, very safe to use and very effective. Applied to furniture and carpeting, it would undoubtedly stop all the flea eggs from ever developing and in effect stop a flea infestation.