best product for fleas in backyard

What would you say is the best product to get rid of fleas in the back yard and house?

It would depend on the problem. If I was to see active fleas in the yard, I would consider this to be bad problem. In other words, if I were to walk casually through my property and get 1-5 fleas on me at most anytime of the day or night, this would be a really bad infestation that needs fast acting products applied. For a problem like this I’d apply the BIFEN GRANULES followed by CYONARA RTS over the top. I’d expect to spray with the Cyonara every 4-7 days and keep spraying until I was able to walk outside without seeing any. As our FLEA CONTROL article explains, pupae will be hatching for some time following the treatment which is why I would keep liquid spraying.

For the remainder of the summer I’d apply granules every 30 days to make sure they didn’t come back. I wouldn’t keep spraying the Cyonara but I would have some on hand ready if needed since a resurgence could happen and I’d want to avoid that at all costs.

But if you were spraying for prevention, the products and frequency of treatments would be different. Treating before there is a problem is always best and when doing so, one can avoid having to a lot of extra work and cost. For this I’d probably just apply the Bifen Granules every 60 days and expect them to do the job. But if the property had a history of problems. I’d still apply the Bifen but then spray over the top with the NYLAR which is a growth regulator. Nylar doesn’t have to be used too often. Generally only 1-2 treatments a season will do the job. And since it works on other pests like ants and mosquitoes, it can really help keep pests minimized in the yard.

The moral of the story and something we try to point out all the time is that of all the pests one can get in the home or yard, the flea is the one that be so easy to control if you do preventive maintenance to keep them in check. But if you let the problem develop and get out of hand, they can be one of the most frustrating pests to control because once that happens, there is no way you’ll be rid of them anytime soon. Hopefully you’ll be treating for prevention rather than curative; the time, energy and cost savings between the two is significant not to mention the level of frustration and aggravation one will experience once they get a flea problem.

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