Can you get rid of fleas in your home without treating all the cats?

Our indoor cats managed to get fleas. Not real bad. We believe we caught it early. We took all the steps necessary (washing everything, vacuuming, treating the carpets with sprays and an IGR, etc). We also treated the cats with Revolution. All except one that is…

We rescued an injured feral cat last year. She’s somewhat friendly, she still wont let us come near her. We tried a tranquilizer pill (in food), but she wouldn’t touch it. Is it still possible to eventually break the flea life cycle? Are we doomed?

If the feral cat is left untreated, it will no doubt continue to have issues on itself. But if the home is properly treated, any eggs falling off her should not be able to develop (in theory). This means only the feral should continue to have problems because as our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE explains, fleas will not leave their host so even if the feral does have active fleas, they’ll be content to stay on her where they should live their life and die.
Now if you’re still seeing fleas in the home or on any of your other cats, that would mean there is something not working with either their treatment or the treatment of the home. And if that’s the case, I suggest you first get some of our FLEA TRAPS installed and start monitoring the situation inside to see where the focal point is for the ongoing issue. If you’re able to identify a key location where activity continues, get it treated the best way possible which our article will no doubt cover (for carpeting, tile, cement, hardwoods, etc.).

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