do fleas stay on dogs

If you have dogs and they have fleas, do the fleas stay on the dogs rather then jumping off? I do not have a dog but my sister came by with hers and now I have fleas. She claims that there are no fleas in her home and she never gets bitten but we have been under attack. I checked two of her dogs and found on one the black droppings of the fleas. I am concerned even if she comes over that there could be fleas on her as well and she will re-infect my home, can that happen as well.

If you read our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn that in fact fleas do not migrate or leave their host. Instead they’d much rather want to live out their life where they can stay protected, keep warm and have plenty to eat. That would be on a dog, cat or some other animal. Even in the cases where people are being bit the fleas involved do not want to stay on the target person; there is rarely enough to keep them satisfied beyond the food people supply so they’ll usually bite and jump away.

As for the “black droppings” you claim to have found; this is normal to see on any infested pet and if the pet isn’t treated, flea eggs and pupae would be falling off it as it moved about throughout the day. In fact, it’s all the flea eggs and pupae that fall off it which poses the potential for problems to arise.

Which leads me to your home. If your house is properly treated with some ONCE A YEAR FLEA GRANULES and you have some FLEA TRAPS installed, there is little chance of a problem developing even if flea infested dogs where present. So if you’d like her and her pets to come visit, get the home treated as our article explains and there will be no reason for concern.

As for your sisters home; it is quite possible for pets living there to harbor the flea problem and not the home itself. And as our article explains, it’s normal for fleas to ignore certain people yet be attracted to others so maybe they like you and not her. One way to find out for sure is to go to her home and see if you get fleas on you. If you do, there is no doubt a problem. But does that mean there is a problem? Well, maybe for you but what about your sister? I would say no if they’re not interested in biting her. And guess what? This situation exists and is quite common.

In fact I have a brother who doesn’t care at all that his home gets fleas because they’re not interested in biting him or his wife. For some reason the fleas ignore him but no one wants to go inside his house because it can be so bad. My other brother is immune to mosquito bites so when we sit outside his house, he doesn’t get bit while me and others get eaten alive! In this case he clearly has mosquitoes active but in his mind, it’s our problem and not his. Don’t be surprised if something like this is happening with your sister and her house as this scenario is quite common and exists all over.

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