flea spray safe for puppy under 12 weeks old

I have a 7 week old Shih-tzu puppy and everything we can find for treatment says “not to use on puppies under 12 weeks”. What can I use on her that won’t hurt her?

Pretty much any traditional flea control product will have this statement. Young puppies, much like infants or any other young animal, are more likely to have some kind of reaction or other problem when exposed to a wide range of things and flea spray is no different. We recommend following the labeled guidelines and avoid using any of those items till she is over 12 weeks old. The only product we carry which is okay to use on puppies is ECO EXEMPT. Commonly used on horses and other animals including dogs, it has none of the restrictions most standard flea products will be governed by. This is because it uses food extracts as the active and falls under a different category of registration.

If you review the ECO LABEL, you’ll see it lists “pets” and there are no restrictions on the age of your pet. This product can be used frequently and we recommend mixing it with water for best results.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

ECO Exempt:  www.non-toxic-pest-control.com/concentrates/eco-exempt-ic-concentrate

ECO Label:  www.bugspray.net/labels/eco_exempt_ic_label.pdf