fleas on weiner dog

My name is Susan and our weiner dog mix has never before had a problem with fleas untill my youngest son got a dog with his exgirlfriend and then an infestation happened. And now the poor thing is starting to bite off his own hair. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get rid of them. PLEASE PLEASE HELP me and help my dog! He is a member of our family and it hurts me to see him in pain like this.

Fleas are no doubt quite active this year. And since you’ve not had prior experience treating the problem, I suggest you start by reading our online FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE. This will help you become familiar with this pest and by understanding how it behaves, you’ll be prepared for the fight that’s about to “go down”. Unfortunately this pest cannot be controlled with just 1-2 treatments and in fact, it’s one of the toughest to control in and around the home.

Additionally you’ll learn that flea control will involve actively treating the pet and the home and in some cases even the yard. Once your read our article you’ll learn the various control options available and will have to make a decision on which to employ. That will at least get you started. But be forewarned that flea control can many times take weeks and even months in order for the flea cycle to run it’s course so don’t become dismayed or impatience. The lesson learned will be that a little bit of protection set out early in the year (spring time) can really help stop them from ever getting like you’re now experiencing.

Our article will cover all topics and has links to the various products we recommend so everything you’ll need will be just a click away. We even have “anti itch” meds for the pet with flea bites so there is no doubt some relief available for the pet too.

Flea Control Article:  www.flea.net/flea-control