frontline advantage and advantix not working

The yard treatments you recommend; are they pet safe or will i have to keep my dog out of the yard for an extended period? Frontline, advantage and advantix only stay effective for about 1 week and then my dog is completely re-infested. I am at my wits end; any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks, Angela

First, all the flea treatments recommended in our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE are safe around people and pets when used properly and as we describe. And to make sure you use them correctly, be sure to view the “safety videos” you’ll find on every product page. These short clips cover all the protective measures one should do to insure you safely handle, mix, apply and store our products.

Second, the flea treatments you are using are not to blame for the current situation. As you’ll learn by reading our article, flea control cannot be accomplished by just treating the pet. A complete flea program is needed once you get infested and this includes treating the yard and home. Once you get going with our program I’m sure you’ll see results because you’ll be dealing with the problem at all sources. Right now it sounds like you’re only treating the pet and since it’s more common for the home to be the “flea generator”, the pet will continue to have fleas until you stop the fleas from reproducing in the living environment.

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