how long for apartment to be flea free

We have a dog and had rented an apartment with carpet. We have been out of the apartment for a month. Our lease is up 7/9/2011. Since there has been no food source for the fleas should the apartment be considered free of fleas, eggs, etc. I am curious in case they want to charge me to do pest control for fleas.

You didn’t mention if you had fleas when you left or not. This is important. If there were no fleas, you might be okay. But if you had even one flea in that apartment, it could very well be real bad for anyone trying to live there for many months to come. If you take some time to read through our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn that adult fleas die quickly. Usually within 1-2 weeks any that are hatched will be dead. But they’re not the problem.

The problem fleas will be the ones in their pupae stage. These can stay in this stage for months (even years) and only come out when they need to come out. And as our article explains, a vacant room will not cause them to come out so that means if you left fleas developing when you vacated the apartment, they’ll be primed and ready to pop in 1-2 months. Worse yet for anyone moving in there, getting rid of the infestation will be nightmare with no pet around to absorb the hatching adults. I can’t tell you how many landlords have had infestations left behind from tenants with pets. It’s probably 25% of our flea business!

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