how to check for fleas

hi, I bought a sofa (floor model) at a big furniture store…got home; wash it down,vacuum it and found a little pet hair;  about 2 weeks later i just started getting ichy on the arm and legs(don’t know if it is all in my head as i am dark skin and i don’t see any bumps) so today i decide to do some deeper vacuuming and find some animal hair and i don’t have pets.and i don’t know how to go about checking for fleas? please can u help me?

Checking for fleas is easy. As our FLEA CONTROL article explains, just take a seat on the sofa and wait. If there are fleas active, you’ll see them jump on you right away. Put on a white shirt, shorts and socks to help make them stand out better.

At night, set out a FLEA TRAP which will catch a wide range of biting pests. It’s easy to employ and costs just pennies a day to use. As our article explains, it will really help reduce the local population.

Lastly, if the problem gets worse or if the fleas move to another part of the house, you’ll need to do some flea control using the products listed in our article.

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