how to get fleas gone for good

I have 4 dogs and i live in the woods on a big property. Our dogs always get fleas and we get rid of them but it doesn’t always work as planned. The house wont have fleas for about a month then they all come back because our dogs play outside most of the day. Now the fleas are worse this time of year and one of our dogs has them worse then the others. Shes constantly itching and scratching, I don’t think she does anything else, but that.  I’m really worried because she is tearing at her skin so bad her hair is falling out on her tummy, she just grew all her hair back from last time, she is a beautiful golden retriever about 8 years old in November, in good shape, but the fleas. As You can see we have spent a ton of money getting bombs and flea shampoo and flea stuff to go on after, but it doesn’t work that long and the fleas keep coming back, what should i do to get them gone for good?

First, I suggest you read our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE which goes over all you need to know about the life cycle of a flea. Most importantly, the article will explain how you need to control them in the yard, the home and on the pet. As you will learn, it’s so important to treat early in the season so you never get a problem. Now that you’ve got them, it will take a lot more work, time and cost to get them gone for good but you can reach that end with a little effort and patience.

In my opinion, the ONCE A YEAR FLEA GRANULES for inside the home combined with several FLEA TRAPS is the best treatment for inside. As our article explains, “flea bombs” are useless and a waste of time and money so don’t use them anymore.

In the yard, the BIFEN G applied and sprayed over the top with some CYONARA RTS applied every week till the fleas are gone works fine. Since your pets spend so much time outside, this area will be important in the long term control of this problem so it’s vital you hit this area hard.

Now for the pet – especially those who are suffering – the ANTI ITCH MED should be used combined with MELALEUCA SHAMPOO and WATER BASED PERMETHRIN PET SPRAY. The Anti Itch Med will help cut down on further irritation caused by non-stop scratching the pet will want to do. The Melaleuca will promote healthy skin and fur allowing the pet to heal faster and the Permethrin Spray is water based so it won’t further irritate the pets skin or fur like some of our alcohol based products (which are more common and stronger overall). Pets which are suffering need this gentle alternative and if you stay the course and keep them treated daily, you’ll get her back to how she was prior to the flea outbreak. Good luck!

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