how to treat fleas in car

My husband entered a home that was flea infested. Not knowing, got back into his car. As we were driving away I noticed them all over him. Before entering our own home, he stripped down and we threw out his clothes and shoes. So, What is the best way to kill the fleas inside the car? And should we treat our own home too?

At this point there is a distinct possibility that a flea problem could develop in your car. If you read our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn that it only takes one flea to infest a home and a car is no different. And once they get on any red blooded host, they’re first task is to bite so if there is just one female flea in the car that’s fed, it could be the start of something bad. And based on what was on your husband, there is a good chance some flea eggs could actually be there already. Does this mean they’ll survive and cause an infestation? That’s anyone’s guess.

So if you want to be completely sure nothing will develop, the simplest thing you could do would be to apply PRECOR 2000 to the upholstery and carpeting in the car. First do a thorough vacuuming and then lightly treat these areas. The Precor 2000 will kill both adult fleas and their eggs and remove any chance of them getting established. Since it will only take a little to do the treatment, use the rest of the can inside your town home if that will make you feel better but it’s probably not going to be needed.

That being said, you many want to install at least one FLEA TRAP in the home. These do a great job of monitoring local environments and if you did develop a problem, it would collect the fleas which in turn would let you know you need to do a more thorough treatment inside.

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