opossum flea issue

Could a opossum¬† in the back yard leave fleas in the yard that could then jump onto my dogs.. we had a full grown one trapped by the dogs in the yard and then with in 2 days they were all scratching and we found one that jumped off one of the dogs onto my husband…

If you review our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn that pretty much any animal in the yard can host fleas. And if any animal with fleas is moving through the yard, no doubt some flea eggs will be falling into the turf. From there the flea cycle will have begun and at that point, people and pets will become targets.

Now that your dog is hosting fleas, no doubt the inside of the home will be next to start hosting fleas and the flea cycle. At this time I suggest you take a proactive approach by treating the home, yard and pet. Flea season is just underway and as our article explains, getting treatments done sooner rather then later is the best approach.

Flea Control Article:  www.flea.net/flea-control