paranoid of fleas

Hello, we moved into an apartment that had fleas about 15 months ago. We quickly got rid of the fleas because we have no pets, but now I am constantly paranoid about getting fleas again. My question is- is it possible for fleas to survive in our clothes or other items that we may not have caught and how likely is it to get fleas without having pets? We have since moved, but now our new neighbors let their cats roam outside and they sometimes come in our yard. I am concerned about us bringing fleas into the house that the cats may have brought in the yard. Please put my fears to rest! Thank you!

I believe that being “paranoid” of fleas is a bit over kill but I do believe you should be concerned based on your message. The fact is a good 20-30% of the people we help each year get fleas yet they do not own a pet. So how does this happen? There are many reasons for this and several are covered in our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE. As you’ll learn, it’s not the clothing that’s the problem but rather the surrounding environment where you live. I suggest you read through it for now as this will enable you to better understand this pest and how to handle future issues with it should you  encounter another infestation.

That being said, would it be worth doing some treating in or around the home to prevent fleas? Yes. In general, any kind of preventive pest control is smart and no doubt this applies to fleas. By treating ahead of the problem, you’re able to use a lot less, not have to keep applying it and save the aggravation of dealing with the pest. And based on where you’re seeing animal activity, I suggest you set out some BIFEN GRANULES as a way to prevent anything from happening. If you apply these 2-3 times a year, you should be able to keep all the local perimeter pests under control including ants, crickets, grubs, fleas, etc.

As for the home, I suggest setting out some FLEA TRAPS. They last many years, cost very little and can do a great job “alerting” you to any problem that may be developing. This way you can act accordingly before it’s too late. But should you treat inside? I would say this is not necessary. But if you feel you must do something, the least toxic, longest lasting product to apply that would stop fleas from living in your carpeting would be the ONCE A YEAR FLEA GRANULES. Odorless and easy to apply, they’re a good choice given the conditions you’re in.

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