permethrin alternative for use around cats

I have recently discovered fleas on my cats.  I was reading your very informative articles and saw that this product, Precor 2000, is helpful in getting rid of fleas in the house, carpets and on furniture.  However, I read that the active ingredient is permethrin, which is toxic to cats.  If I spray it in the house, can it hurt my cats?  If it will, what can I use to get rid of fleas in the house so that the cats won’t get re-infested?
Thanks :)

No doubt certain active ingredients can be irritable to cats and pyrethroids seem to lead the way. To avoid any problems like this, go with the ONCE A YEAR FLEA GRANULES for the carpeted area. Combine the treatment with some FLEA TRAPS and you’ll have a safe alternative for the pet as well as product that lasts longer than any other.

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