stray cat and fleas

I found a 3 mo old kitten living in my siding on Sunday oct 16. I brought the cat inside and washed it with dawn dish soap. I kept finding little grains in its fur and thought it was from the kitty litter until i found a flee… and another one so I promptly bought hartz flee shampoo and washed her well. I found more flea on her face and near her eyes, so I washed her face again and saw some flea fall off on to the floor and promptly killed them. I haven’t had her to long and I do have a spray I used in her hiding spots. I have 1 or 2 bites on my arms from yesterday and most of the fleas seem to be gone now. What else should I do and will I have a high chance of an infest. I am currently vacuuming washing and drying anything the kitten was on. Please let me know if I should take any other steps. Thank you, Jason

Welcome to the world of pet ownership! I’m not sure if this is your first pet or not but for starters, I suggest you read through our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE which will explain this pest in great detail. As you’ll learn, there is a great chance of a problem developing in your home if you leave it untreated. For this reason, I suggest you do the following.

First, set out some ONCE A YEAR FLEA GRANULES. You’ll basically be treating your carpets and furniture so that any areas where flea larvae might prosper will have a layer of protection in place. Regarding the vacuuming you say you’re doing; keep it up. Especially on tiled or other hard surfaced floors. This will help remove any flea eggs and larvae which are near to impossible to remove from the carpet (which is why you should treat it).

Second, set out some FLEA TRAPS. These will not only help by collecting fleas; they’ll help by alerting you to any activity you may have otherwise missed.

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