will washing cloths in hot water kill flea eggs

I was wondering if you could tell me that if washing cloths and other bedding in just one cycle of hot water will kill fleas and eggs. Thank You.

It will. But if you review our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn that in fact clothing is rarely if ever a place where one would have flea eggs laid. As our article explains, fleas want to live on their host. In most cases this will be a pet. But when local populations get large, there will usually be a problem in the home or surrounding yard as well. These local infestations will usually lead to people getting bit when walking around the premises. But will the fleas stay on these people and lay eggs? No.

In summary, there is no reason to “waste” hot water all for the sake of trying to rid clothing from fleas. Normal wash cycles will do the job. But if you have a local flea infestation, you’ll need to start an integrated flea control program as our article explains if you want them gone.

Flea Control: www.flea.net/flea-control

Flea Trap (great tool to set out to see if you have local activity on the ground): www.bugspraycart.com/traps/electric/flea-trap