Flea carpet treatment

I have read your flea control article and want to do a flea carpet treatment but I’m not sure if I should use your flea spray or the flea carpet granules. I have them bad. Every day we vacuum but they come right back within an hour. I’d say we’re picking 30-50 off our legs daily. Which products would you advise we get? The pets are being treated daily and I do plan on getting some of the products you recommend for them too but I understand this process will take awhile to resolve. I just want to use the best flea carpet treatment products and will await your answer before I order anything.

Based on the limited information provided above, it sounds like you have a bad problem which will require a lot of flea treatment to be done to break the current flea cycle. For situations like this, we always suggest you use the Permethrin and Growth Regulator. With the Permethrin, you’ll be able to apply a fresh amount of adulticide out over and over which in turn will provide adequate control of the adults and make the situation more manageable. Be sure to apply enough. Most homes will need 2-3 gallons applied if they have a lot of carpet; 1 gallon per 500-1000 sq/ft should do the job. Use the growth regulator with the first tank mix and then again 2 months later but in between, spray with the Permethrin as much as is needed to make the home tolerable to all who live there. It would also be wise to set up some flea traps as they will help reduce the local population too.

Once the problem is under control which will only happen following some heavy flea carpet treatments are done, you can then change over to the once a year flea carpet granules and rely on them to provide a good long lasting flea treatment. The problem is they don’t work quickly and based on your situation, I don’t think you’ll be happy if you use them now. And don’t forget the pets. If you keep them flea free by paying them some attention daily, you will be able to get this problem under control eventually. Good luck!