cat sick with fleas

Hi. My name is Ryan. My cat has fleas real bad and he’s been acting weird. He’s gotten real thin and he sleeps most of the day. I gave him flea medicine and there are still fleas on him. I combed him about 4 times already and I’m worried. I don’t want anything to happen to him. He’s a family pet.

I suggest you get your pet to the vet ASAP. No doubt fleas can transmit disease or indirectly lead to other things happening which can be bad. And based on what your message, it would appear your pet is not well and needs some kind of medical attention.

Now regardless of what the vet says, if your cat has fleas, the home will need a flea treatment of some kind. So as soon as you can, I suggest you read through our FLEA CONTROL article which will go over everything you’ll need to know on this pest including treatment options. Once you learn about the various treatment options, you should be able to decide on what will be best for your home and then get some of the material from us so the treatments can commence. This will be important for both you and your pet no matter what ailment your pet has. And the sooner you start treating the home, the better.

Flea Article:

One thing I strongly recommend you get are some FLEA TRAPS. These can be real helpful at identifying where fleas are active and in doing so, enable you to locate the problem areas quickly.

Flea Trap: