Flea control for dogs

I’ve got a dog that’s been fighting fleas this whole winter. Now his skin is sore and my house is still infested. I’ve had a pest control company spray over and and over but it’s not helping. I’m afraid to spray anymore but I’ve got to do something. Help!!

First, take some time to read through our flea control article. This will explain what’s happening in your home. From the article you will learn you need to have multiple Flea Traps set up along with the Once a Year Flea Granules applied to the carpeting. For the dog, you’ll need to get the Water Based Flea Spray, which is mild compared to most pet flea sprays, along with some of the Melaleuca Spray and Shampoo to help soothe his skin. If you follow this program, you’ll be flea free in the next 3-6 weeks and things will get back to normal. Be sure to give us a call toll free if you have any questions at 1.800.877.7290.