Yard flea control

I’ve got a bird feeder in my yard which attracts alot of birds. Unfortunately, it also attracts alot of the neighborhood cats. I don’t have any pets but I’ve got FLEAS!!! How can I safely treat my yard to control these menacing fleas and not hurt all the birds I enjoy???? I don’t really care about the cats but I LOVE my birds!

Cats do carry fleas and the cat flea is one of the most common ones around. Chances are high they are dropping eggs off the cats as they move through your yard. This will eventually lead to a flea problem if you don’t alread have one. You’ll need to first apply some Cyfluthrin Granules to all the areas where the cats are active around the bird feeder. When applied properly, this product will pose no hazard to the cats or birds. Be sure to treat as much of the area as possible paying particular attention to where the cats are entering your property and all the areas where you’ve seen them hanging around. Next, spray with some Permethrin over the top to kill off all that are active now. The granules should be applied monthly throughout the spring, summer and fall. The spray should only need to be applied once or twice; once the fleas are gone the granules should stop any new ones from forming so the spray won’t be needed. For immediate control, using the spray is suggested since the granules won’t kill adults.