looking for flea terminator

I used to get a product called Flea Terminator. It was a once a year flea control product that worked great. I would sprinkle it out onto my carpet, broom it in and get flea control for a year or more. I can’t seem to find the product locally anymore and was wondering if you knew where I might be able to get some?

The original Flea Terminator has been out of production for several years. We have a similar product that works just as well. Known as Dr’s Flea Treatment, it’s a dry powder that you simply sprinkle out onto carpeting, broom in and leave where it will control fleas for a year or more. We find it’s very effective and ideal for treatments before you have an actual flea problem. If you have live fleas at the time of treatment, we recommend setting up some Flea Traps to help break the flea cycle as explained in our Flea Control Article.