flea trap questions

I would like more details about the flea trap you have for sale.

1. What are the dimensions?

2. What are the exact instructions for use? (Do I need a lamp as seen in photo?)

3. It says it covers an 800 sq ft area, but then it says it only attracts fleas from up to 25 ft away. That does not seem to add up.

Flea Trap Question Answers

1) Dimensions are 8.25″ long x 6.0″ wide x 3.25″ tall.

2) Use Directions. It comes with a lamp and one glue pad. You must take the top grid off (it just lifts off the trap), remove the glue pad, peel off the protective wax sheet from the glue, lie the pad back into the trap with the glue facing up, set the grid back on and plug it in. The bulb will usually last 1-2 years and is very inexpensive to replace and burn continuously. Glue pads should be changed when full or every 2-3 months depending on when the glue starts to loose it’s adhesiveness.

3) Each trap covers up to 800 sq/ft or a room that is 20′ x 40′ (20×40=800).

4) It can attract fleas from 25 feet away and I’m sorry for any confusion this statement might create. Maybe this example will help explain.
If you had a wide open, big room the size of a football field and set the trap out in the middle, it would attract fleas as far away as 25 feet if the area was wide open. If you calculate the area of this circle (area of a circle is pi x radius squared) you come up with (3.14 x 25 x 25) 1952.5 feet. But in this example, the area is wide open which means there is an unobstructed view to the trap. In the real world this rarely if ever exists. For most situations, there will be furniture like chairs, couches, tables etc. in the room all of which interfere with the flea being able to find the trap. For this reason the “area” of coverage we claim has been reduced to the largest “room” where we feel confident one trap can work adequately. That sized room was 20×40 with an area of 800 sq/ft. And keep in mind that if you have two rooms attached with one doorway and each room is only 10’x20′, you would need two traps to get equal protection in both rooms at the same time. Alternatively, you could move one trap from room to room every few days to get protection in both but one trap in one room all the time will not pull fleas from the second room like it will in the room where it’s sitting even though the area total is only 400 sq/ft between the two rooms.

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