flea bits all over legs

I’ve got flea bits all over my legs. They started biting two days ago and I’ve probably been bit 30-40 times. I’ve killed 10-20 fleas but I think I’m loosing the war. I want to get some of the inside Flea Granules but I’m afraid they won’t act fast enough to keep me from being eaten alive. What else can I do?

If you review our on line article on Flea Control, you’ll see we talk about this exact problem and why it would be wise to set out some Flea Traps to help get the cycle broken. Only then will you notice a big drop in the flea population as the current population of Flea Pupae start to hatch out and get used up. Be sure to set out enough following the guidelines on our Flea Trap page.

If they are still persistent after 1 week, get either some Permethrin or Precor 2000 to spray over the top of the Granules. This will help kill off some of the adults and make living there that much more tolerable.