hardwood floor with fleas

i am in desperate need of an answer (i have looked on many web sites) what to clean my hardwood floor with for fleas. there is a lot of information and products for carpeting but i can’t find an answer for hardwood flooring.  i also have my lower level of my home that needs to be treated and it is tile. please help. thank you.

If you read our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn fleas can breed in carpeting, furniture or on pets. But in fact hardwood and tile floors are not one of these common locations. But even if they are by chance infested, it’s an easy fix. As our article exlains, all you need to do is vacuum them! That right; any decent vacuum will remove all the eggs, pupae and adult fleas as well as all the material fleas need to feed. So in summary,  you don’t need any special agent or compound to clean the hardwood or tiled areas in your home but what you do need is a good vacuum.

Once the area is vacuumed out, installing some FLEA TRAPS would be suggested. These will do a great job of monitoring the rooms and any that catch fleas would be warning that something more needs to be done where the fleas are being caught. In most cases Flea Traps will at least catch a few but in many they’ll turn out to be a significant player in solving the problem. And of course, don’t forget the pets. As our article explains, pets are one of the biggest reasons for fleas in the first place and complete flea control can never be achieved unless they’re dealt with appropriately on the host pet.

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