how to get rid of fleas in basement

We have a flea problem in our basement for about 3 months. This is the 2nd time we bombed the basement. We have no problem in the house. Only the basement. We do have a cat, but she is treated and we no longer allow her in the basement. We had an old well in the basement, and left it open for about 1 month to repair cracks because it leaked. But this home has been hooked up to city water for years. We have been buying HOT SHOT spray and 2 kinds of bombs-hot shot and raid. Shouldn’t this been good enough by this time?

Forget the spray and aerosol products. If you take some time to read through our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn several key things to get rid of fleas in the basements or any part of the home and right now you’re doing all the “wrong” things.

First and foremost, removing the pet from the area is usually the worse thing you can do. Once removed, the fleas will do nothing but lay dormant waiting. And since they can stay in their third stage for several months, the problem can remain for up to a year if you leave it the way it’s been. Pupae fleas don’t have to hatch. And they won’t unless they know food is close by. So when the pet or people are no longer around, they’ll just sit there waiting.

And since no spray can kill the pupae, all the ones down there will just wait and live no matter how much you spray.

Second, you’ll need something appropriate for the floor and rarely is this a spray or aerosol. This is especially true for bad problems. In our article there are two options that work great for basements.

If the area is carpeted, you’ll need to put out the ONCE A YEAR FLEA GRANULES. But if it’s cement, you’ll need to dust with DRIONE. And immediately afterwards you’ll have to set out 2-3 FLEA TRAPS.

The Flea Traps will be key because they’ll be perceived by the flea pupae as a small pet. This will get them to hatch which in turn will break the cycle. But until you get them all to hatch AND have a good treatment in place so when they hatch they can’t continue the cycle, this problem will go on forever like it’s been doing.

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