itchy puppy from flea bites

We recently used an off-brand flea product on our 4 month old pitbull puppy and it has shown no signs of working in fact I think it is getting worse. I was wondering what options I had to help my itchy puppy considering all flea products I’ve seen say to not use more than one flea product in a month.

If you review our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn that fleas typically breed on the pet and in the house. It’s important these areas are protected so if you haven’t yet taken care of the home, do so in one of the ways our article explains. Only then will your puppy be free and clear of this nagging pest.

In our article you’ll also learn of several products we have which are designed specifically for the itchy sensations pets feel following flea bites. At this point I recommend looking for fleas on the pet and don’t just judge based on them scratching. Flea bites will cause pets to itch for weeks but does not mean the fleas are still active. The only way to know for sure will be to see some on the pet and if you do, then use some of the products we have listed in our article. They will definitely work and they can be used as needed.

Lastly, I also suggest you start using something to relieve the itch your puppy is now experiencing. The OXY MED is excellent and when combined with the MELALUCA SHAMPOO, you’ll be able to provide some much needed relief for your pet which will make them more comfortable. In th end you’ll learn it’s really about keeping your home and yard flea, tick, mosquito and gnat free. By reducing these pests in and around the home, you and your pets will be a lot happier.

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