really bad flea problem

Ok, thе flеа рrоblеm іn mу уаrd ѕtаrtеd аbоut 2 уеаrѕ аgо whеn ѕоmе ѕtrау dоgѕ іnfесtеd mу twо dоgѕ. Sо fоr thе раѕt twо уеаrѕ а сеrtіаn flеа dір hаѕ bееn wоrkіng but thе dір dоеѕ nоt ѕеll аrоund hеrе fоr аwhіlе аnуmоrе! Aрраrеntlу thеrе іѕ ѕоmе kіnd оf ѕhоrtаgе? Anуwау, mу оnе dоg іѕ flеа frее but ѕhе dіd hаd ѕоmе tісkѕ ѕо I рісkеd thеm оff mу OTHER dоg Bеllа hаѕ TONS оf flеаѕ. I hаvе nеvеr ѕееn ѕо mаnу! Shе hаѕ ѕmаll brоwn аnd whіtе thіngѕ іn hеr аrmріtѕ tо. Bеfоrе I lеft fоr vасаtіоn 3 wееkѕ аgо ѕhе dіdn’t hаvе аnу аnd I thоught I hаd thіngѕ undеr соntrоl. Whеn I wаѕ аwау I hаd mу brоthеr lооk аftеr thе dоgѕ but hе dіdn’t trеаt thеm ѕо nоw thеу hаvе flеаѕ! Sо nоw I’m bасk tо fіghtіng thеѕе thіngѕ аnd fоr 4 dауѕ nоw I’vе gіvеn hеr flеа bаthѕ but thеу kеер соmіng bасk. I јuѕt wаnt tо gеt rіd оf thеm fоr gооd ѕо whаt ѕhоuld I dо? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

For now you should read our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE. In our article you’ll learn why fleas can be so persistent and that it’s important to not only treat your pet but also your home and the outside areas your pet visits.

Now since you don’t make any mention of treating the home or the yard, it’s amazing you’ve been able to get any positive results because fleas will thrive in these areas if left untreated. And as our article explains, both the home and the yard can be flea producing every summer so it’s critical for you to manage these locations if you want to keep your property and pets flea free.

So for starters, I suggest you get some BIFEN GRANULES applied to the yard. Use these once a month and cover all areas where your pets have access. Use them from spring through fall.

Bifen Granules:

Next, get the inside of your home treated. Our article details both liquid sprays and the “once-a-year” approach. Which one you choose is not so important since they both work well. So if you prefer to spray, get the PERMETHRIN and NYLAR. These will be mixed together and sprayed on all carpeting, furniture, etc. throughout the home using a standard PUMP SPRAYER.

Permethrin 10:



But if you prefer not to spray, get the ONCE A YEAR FLEA GRANULES and apply them to the carpeting and furniture in lieu of the liquid treatment. This product won’t kill the adults but it does kill the eggs and larvae stage which in the end is the secret to long term flea control.

First Defense:

Next, regardless of which product type of flea treatment you choose to use, you’ll also need to set out some FLEA TRAPS throughout the home. These will serve you by both collecting fleas thus reducing the local activity as well as alerting you to problem areas that may need further treatments.

Flea Trap:

Next, treat any tiled or hardwood floors with PRECOR 2000. This is a light aerosol type product that goes on hard surfaces without making a mess.

Precor 2000:

Lastly, the pets should be treated with something like PETCOR which will kill all stages of the flea. You did mention using some kind of dip which apparently is getting hard to locate locally which no doubt is related to the worldwide pyrethrin shortage so don’t expect to see any soon. Fortunately Petcor is a great option. It’s easy to use, kills all stages of fleas and even handles ticks too.


Follow my instructions and I’m 100% sure if you follow these directions you’ll be able to keep you and your pets flea free all year long!

Flea Article: