Flea spray and repellent for people

I’m a real estate agent and commonly have to enter homes which have flea infestations. The crazy thing is most times I know about the problem ahead of time so I can try to protect myself. So far I’ve learned that really strong Deet will help keep them off me as will Permethrin. Do you offer these chemicals? I want to spray my lower legs or clothing before entering these flea infested homes so I don’t get bit. Is this what you would recommend?

As our on line FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE explains, the cocoon or flea pupa (the third stage) can lay in a dormant stage on pets and in the home for a long time. Since the average adult flea only lives 7-14 days, pupae won’t hatch unless there are people in the homes you’re selling. In other words, the fleas that do come out will die off quickly if they don’t find a host on which to feed. And instinctively they know this so they won’t hatch unless they “feel” a food supply (a person or a pet) close to them and moving. Since you aren’t in every area of the home each time you visit, no doubt there will be pupae still dormant laying in wait for many months after someone with an active flea problem leaves a house vacant. Only after all the pupae on the property do hatch will the cycle finally be done and the problem will go away. Till then the best you can do is wear a flea repellent which will keep them off you when visiting a flea infested property.

The two actives you mentioned are in fact two really good flea repellents. We have a 100% ODORLESS DEET formulation which works quite well. Use it on exposed skin such as the ankles and legs below the knee if you’re wearing shorts. In the home one application a day should do the job. For clothing, we have a PERMETHRIN AEROSOL which should be applied to shoes, socks and pants. Fleas which hatch out onto treated skin or clothing will die. For your visits to homes with fleas a combination of these two products should keep them off you while on the premises.

Here are direct links to the products mentioned above:

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