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My question is, can fleas live in and on furniture. If so for how long?

Yes and no. As explained in our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, adult fleas aren’t comfortable out in the open so yes, they can live on a couch. However, they won’t last long. If any person or pet came to the couch, adult fleas on it would naturally seek this warm blooded person or pet hoping to hitch a ride and to take advantage of what this host would provide: a stable living environment. As our article explains, if you left a flea on a couch without food, water or shelter, it would probably die in 5-8 days.

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how can a inside pet get fleas?

There are many ways an inside pet can develop a flea problem. If you review our online FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn that fleas abound outside. Commonly found on most any animal active in the neighborhood, these fleas will no doubt be laying eggs and these eggs and other developing stages can end up in your front, side or back yard. When people living in a residence venture outside for a moment or two they are vulnerable to adult fleas. And though the adult fleas don’t like to spend their life on a person, they’ll gladly take a ride and grab a bite to eat along the way as they get carried back inside the dwelling.

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I ordered your product and in conjunction with Ultracide for my house, I am hoping to be rid of those dastardly fleas.  I have 5 cats.  They have never been outside a day in their life, but I have probably brought fleas in and have had 5 cats in misery despite the fact that for the past 4 months, they have been on Frontline Plus.  Another mystery to me.

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