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Hеllо! I fіrѕt nоtісеd а рrоblеm wіth mу 10 уеаr оld dоg. At fіrѕt I nоtісеd оnе bug оn hіѕ hеаd but dіdn’t thіnk muсh оf іt bесаuѕе I dіdn’t knоw whаt flеаѕ lооkеd lіkе аnd іt wаѕ оnlу оnе аnуwауѕ. I gаvе hіm а gооd bruѕhіng аnd рut thе bug іn а рlаѕtіс bаggу јuѕt іn саѕе аnd fоund nоthіng mоrе thаt wееk. Thеn аbоut а wееk lаtеr I nоtісеd аnоthеr оf thе ѕаmе bug оn hіѕ hеаd аgаіn! In thе ѕаmе dау I fоund 3 mоrе аnd rеаlіzеd а рrоblеm mіght bе ѕtаrtіng.

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I recently have found fleas on my indoor animals. What do you recommend for treatment both inside and outside to rid my house and animals of fleas?

I think it would be best for you to first look over our in depth FLEA CONTROL article. This covers everything you’re asking about including the best products for the pet, the treatment options for inside the home as well as the best sprays for outside the home. Our article goes over just enough biology on fleas so you can learn why this pest is such a problem in and around the home. We then detail how you need to treat, why you need to do some things a certain way and then what to expect following the treatments.

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I have just got a kitten six weeks old an he has fleas I was wondering how best to treat him and my house as soon as I can I have only had him for two days.

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I use the liquid flea control treatments on my dog, yet I have found fleas in her fur. Just one or two at a time — and i THOROUGHLY check.  I have given her a flea bath, cleaned everything in the house and have used the powder treatment on carpets, floors and furniture, given her another bath using the shampoo, AND I STILL FIND one or two fleas on her.  I tried to give her a treatment, keep her outside while I cleaned the house, and then shampooed her with the flea shampoo before letting her back in, and this morning — another flea on her. I’m not getting bitten and I haven’t seen any in the house, but I just don’t know what to do!!  is she just getting them outside and they are biting her and dying b/c of the flea treatment (not reproducing?).  I’m at a loss here.

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I live in Florida and “spring” arrived about a month and a half ago, along with a plethora of fleas! I have a cat and a dog and we live on an acre that is for the most part natural and wooded. Both pets are indoor and outdoor. My home has become recently flea infested. I must say I was happy to note on your website that I should let the pets roam inside since I had been making them stay unhappily outside all the time due to the fleas! Anyway, I also have tropical fish and am afraid to bomb or spray as a result. Also, I just got new stain-master carpet about a year ago and I am hesitant to use chemicals on it. I worry about residue on my beautiful carpet – the slimy feel of it on barefeet, that it will attract dirt and may damage the stain-master “finish” or whatever they do to make the carpet remarkably resistant to staining. What do you suggest?

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Me and my boyfriend have a flea problem which we think started in summer. We just assumed it was the usual summer insects since we’re both prone to being bitten perhaps because we are pale, and so we waited it out.
We are trying to treat the house, the problem is that we live in rented accommodation and our house is small.
We cannot deflea the garden because they are shared gardens, we have nowhere to move our furniture to, the carpets don’t belong to us so we have to be careful with them.
To complicate matters further there is a cat involved which also doesn’t belong to us!
He doesn’t appear to have problems with fleas but we don’t know if he’s being treated for fleas or not. We know he belongs to someone because he used to have a tatty collar which was then replaced with a new one and even though he now has no collar he still looks well fed (we don’t feed him)
So we either make sure he can’t come in anymore (which is difficult if we need to air the house because he comes through our downstairs window), or we treat the house with flea treatments which don’t risk harm to the cat (I’ve heard flea bombs are risky) and try to find some way of defleaing him which won’t harm him if he’s already being given maximum flea protection (I’ve heard too much flea treatment on a cat is harmful)

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I’ve seen a few fleas on my cat and I know I have to treat the problem before it gets worse. I’m thinking the once a year flea granules would be a good choice since I hate to spray but I just want to make sure it’s safe for her. Also, do you recommend flea traps? We’re going to the vet today to make sure she’s properly treated too.

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I’ve been using flea bombs over and over and I don’t think they’re working. Did they change something in the formulation? This year the fleas are so bad I bomb and then like the next day I have fleas again. What’s going on? My cat is staying up on the countertop and I think that makes harder for me and my husband. Funny thing is this year even he is getting bit so it must be bad!!!! What can I do?

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I used to get a product called Flea Terminator. It was a once a year flea control product that worked great. I would sprinkle it out onto my carpet, broom it in and get flea control for a year or more. I can’t seem to find the product locally anymore and was wondering if you knew where I might be able to get some?

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I have a pet dog that seems to get one or two fleas every time he goes out in the yard. I don’t see any animals out there except some squirrels and cats that hang around the bird feeder. Could he be getting fleas from them?

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I’ve had fleas all winter long and during this time my husband and I have been getting flea bites. I’m getting some of your once a year flea treatment but want to get something for the flea bites too. Which product do you recommend?

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