We recently bought and moved into a house that was infested with fleas. We have a dog which we treat with frontline. We have been vacuuming the house every day for 3 months now. In addition we have had a exterminator out to spray twice. I have also sprayed (peremthryn and precor) myself a couple times in the 3 month span. The problem has definitely gotten better and we thought we had finally rid the house of the issue. That was until we found a flea on our dog yesterday. This was the first one we have seen in 3 weeks. I gave him a capstar and washed all his bedding. Should I be concerned that we are still infested?

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The yard treatments you recommend; are they pet safe or will i have to keep my dog out of the yard for an extended period? Frontline, advantage and advantix only stay effective for about 1 week and then my dog is completely re-infested. I am at my wits end; any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks, Angela

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We brought in cats from the outside, the vet said they did not have fleas, well months later we found a flea.  this was after their night over at the vet months later.  We treated them with frontline and flea bath (before letting them upstairs from the basement they were there because of the claws until surgery) The problem started in dec. The cats have been flea free, I check daily.  I continue to frontline monthly.  The sprayed the basement in Jan. then upstairs we had fleas so I sprayed and carpet powder. Many times. (i’m the one who gets the bites) I have had no bites up here, and since no fleas upstairs and continue to vaccum freguently and spray every few weeks now just to be sure and continue the treatment to be effective.  Well I realized a few weeks ago we had a problem in the basement. The cats don’t go down there and we dont often So we didnt realize we still had a problem.  I sprayed again and cleaned and threw everything away.  We then set off foggers 4 weeks ago. We have been now vaccuming frequently. We are going to set off foggers again next week and continue to vaccum. And then set them off again in 3 weeks after.  I know the fourth stage you can’t kill and need to stimulate to hatch out.  If we are vaccuming frequently 4-5 days a week and set off foggers every 3-4 weeks and do the sprays  inbetween.  How long will this take? I mean I know the last stage they can stay dormant a long time, but with the vaccuming and vibration we are making down there shouldnt that help quicker? I’m parnoid. I won’t vaccum down there. I make my husband.  It is all I talk about and I have about had it.  I know cement is harder with sprays because it is porus.  But if I’m continously spraying and bombing, and vaccuming shouldn’t this be effective? And how do I know when I’m at the point where I need to get a professional in? and also today went I went down and did some spraying I didnt see any (and I look, because I’m parnoid about it all) There were three on my clothing (not on me because I tuck all my clothing in and wear gloves, I got them and drown them) But I’m not seeing a whole bunch jumping around or anything, and its easy to see on the cement floor. Does this mean, there are probaly only a few now hatching out and we are becoming effective, or I’m I just talking myself into the fact that things are working? Please give me some advice before I go crazy!

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