We get a lot of questions about our Flea Trap. Most people are asking “what makes it so effective” and others are wondering if it “will work for my situation”. The bottom line is that our Flea Trap does a great job of attracting and catching fleas in homes, apartments and most any structure. Keep one installed where you suspect fleas are active – especially if you don’t have a pet or people moving much in the structure – since the trap does a great job of “rounding up” rogue fleas. Realtors and landlords should be especially interested since a vacant property full of fleas can’t sell or rent. Install someĀ  Flea Traps and you’ll see a big reduction of this menacing pest making the property a lot more marketable.

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I’ve got flea bits all over my legs. They started biting two days ago and I’ve probably been bit 30-40 times. I’ve killed 10-20 fleas but I think I’m loosing the war. I want to get some of the inside Flea Granules but I’m afraid they won’t act fast enough to keep me from being eaten alive. What else can I do?

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I have a pet dog that seems to get one or two fleas every time he goes out in the yard. I don’t see any animals out there except some squirrels and cats that hang around the bird feeder. Could he be getting fleas from them?

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