permethrin and precor good for outside

I was going to order and make a combination spray Permethrin and Precor for flea control. I was going to use this for inside the house but I wanted to know if this mixture will also be effective/safe for the yard. Thanks.

The combination of both Permethrin and Precor will be safe to spray outside and should work fine. Just be sure and apply enough; gallons only cover 800-1000 sq/ft so it usually takes 2-3 gallons to treat the average house.

Additionally, this approach won’t prove to be the most efficient way to treat large areas as explained in our Flea Control article. Permethrin sprayed over the top of some Bifen Granules would be ideal for any yard over 5,000 sq/ft but if you have a small area being treated, I would say the same spray tank mix will do just fine.