do fleas live in beds?

Hi my dog has fleas and my house is infested. We have treated the dog and treated the house on our own with a spray. We sprayed all of our hardwood floors. I needed to know if fleas live in clothes, so in part of my treatment should I wash all of them? And do they live in beds? If yes how do I rid them of my mattress? I am the only one in the house getting bit my husband isn’t. Our big issue is also that we are moving in 4 weeks and we are not bringing the dog,but we want to make sure we don’t bring the fleas. Will fleas move with us when we pack our things? We are only bringing the bed, clothes, & electronics? If yes should we pre-treat the new house before moving to be proactive? Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance for your help.

If you read through our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn fleas don’t want to be on people other than to bite and once they get their blood meal, they’ll leave. So where do they go? Usually a dog, cat or some other animal. And though fleas can get on your clothing, they won’t stay on it. So there is no need to wash your clothing other than what you normally do.

As for fleas living in your bed; this doesn’t happen either. Fleas live on host animals which will be an animal and though they can get in a bed, they’ll quickly die if they don’t get onto a mammal of some kind. So there is no need to wash or do anything to your bed or bedding other than what you would do normally.

Now will the fleas move with you to your new home? Not likely. But as our article explains, it only takes one flea to infest a house so if you don’t pre-treat it with one of the flea control options listed in our article, the risk will be there. Since 25-50% of our customers are people who don’t own pets, it’s clear to us that any home can develop a flea problem. And if you’re moving from a location which had a flea problem, the potential for a new problem to develop is no doubt enhanced. To prevent this from happening, I suggest doing some spraying or the ONCE A YEAR TREATMENT we have listed in our article since it’s so easy.

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