flea treatment needed

We are referred to you as the best source for do-it-yourself pest control.

After renters departed (with their 3 pitbulls)…
After 1 week the room the dogs were in was flea infested.  We treated with store  bought products
After 2 wks fleas had spread through-out house,  We again treated while painting.
After 3 wks we bombed.
Now there are small fleas still inside

Yard was had annual termite treatment and flea treatment during this time
Please help!    House is 1700sq ft, Screen porch/pool area 1200sq ft.

What product and application will solve this so we can rent our house.   Only 4 rooms have carpet.

First, you should read through our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE so you can learn what’s happening. As you will find out, our FLEA TRAPS will be a big help given the set of circumstances surrounding your current infestation. Rental properties can be real headache when it comes to flea control but with the right products and some diligence, the fleas can be defeated.

You don’t mention if there is anyone living in the house now nor do you mention if there are any pets. This will ultimately factor in when deciding what will be your best treatment option. At this point (if there is no one and no pets in the home), I would say to apply the ONCE A YEAR GRANULES to the carpeting. Next, install FLEA TRAPS throughout. Wait 3-6 days and then start spraying over the surface with PERMETHRIN EC to kill off any adult fleas the traps aren’t catching. The combination of Flea Granules, people moving in the house and the Flea Traps should get the pupa hatching and over the course of a few weeks, they should run out and the infestation should be over.

If there are tenants or pets in the home right now, you may have to adjust some of these recommendations. For more advice, give us a call at 1-800-877-7290. We’re open Mon-Sat and can further advise on the phone.