flea granules for house

I have two small children who are often on the rugs and carpet in our house. However, I have now witnessed two instances of fleas hopping on my children so obviously we have a problem. Are the flea granules the safest to use in my instance? And do they ruin the rugs (we have a couple of pricey orientals) if I use it? Does the product eventually get vacuumed out or dissolve or stay in the rugs and carpet forever?

Ugh, I am so disgusted that I have fleas – we don’t even have pets!! Thanks!

There are several reasons why the flea granules are ideal for flea treating carpets. First, they are the safest method of treating for fleas and won’t pose a hazard to people or pets.

They don’t “ruin” anything they’re applied to; when done properly you won’t even know they are present.

They will bond with the carpeting and generally last a year or longer during which time they do slowly disintegrate and get vacuumed up and will not stay in the carpet forever.

Lastly, they don’t pose any danger of being breathed and even if ingested, will not harm people or pets (though allowing them to eat it is not suggested).

So for your situation, I suggest going with the inside ONCE A YEAR FLEA TREATMENT. I also suggest setting out some FLEA TRAPS. This way you’ll have in place a treatment that will last a whole year and not require spraying over and over. And the traps can really help break the flea cycle as well as alert you to problem areas you may have missed in the home or didn’t know even existed.

Plus, the traps will become the main target for the hatching fleas and take some of the pressure off you and the family meaning you won’t get bit as much during the process of getting the home flea free again.

First Defense: www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/dust/first-defense-20-ounce-jar

Flea Trap:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/traps/electric/flea-trap

Flea Article: www.flea.net/flea-control