Inside flea infestation

We have 10 cats in house which never go outside in the yard. We have a large screened in patio where they spend much of the day light hours.  Several of these cats we are not able to handle or catch so brushing or washing is not possible for some of them. I realize the problem but am hopeful you and your products may be our answer.  We vacuum and clean daily so are willing to do other things you may suggest.

Conditions like this are ideal for fleas. The best thing you can do is set out the inside Flea Granules once a year anyplace where you have carpets or throw rugs. They do a great job of breaking the cycle. Additionally, you should have some Flea Traps set out to help monitor and collect any fleas which might be present not on your pets. This will help prevent them from laying eggs and in the long run, keep things limited to the pets if anything should happen. Lastly, use the Permethrin and Flea Fix for the other areas where the cats have access where you cannot use the Flea Granules. Remember, 1-2 pets with a problem is manageable; the house becoming a flea generator would mean all the pets (and people living there) will get bit. This means you must focus in on the house. Since the cats are limited to the house and don’t go outside, if you keep the house flea free you’ll be able to keep the pets flea free.

Now, for the pets, I suggest getting some of the Water Based Flea Spray. Cats typically don’t like being sprayed but many do like being groomed with a brush or comb. Use this “method” as a way to get the product into their fur. Lightly mist or dip the brush/comb into the Water Based Spray and then groom the pet; you’ll be able to control the fleas on them by using this approach at least once a week on as many as you can. To treat the ones which don’t like to be combed or brushed you’ll need to use more of a “shotgun” approach. First, lightly mist a large towel which you can then use as a “wrap” for these uncooperative cats. Once wrapped up, you can rub it on them transferring some of the product onto their fur. Another good option is to provide them with some kind of blanket or pet bed or even couch. Once they get comfortable using it, spray it directly with the mist once a week. This way you’ll be indirectly treating the pets which like to rest or sleep in it and this would prove to be a safe and effective way to indirectly kill off the fleas. Such approaches do take time but if you continuously apply product, you’ll be able to keep them under control by being persistent.