fleas behind master bathtub

I was wondering how to get rid of fleas, eggs, et al, from behind the master bathtub.  My cats have access to this area, but I really do not (6 in. x 6 in square max.).  I was thinking of putting a heated flea trap since there is electric. Any other thoughts?  The access to this area is floor level through the master bathroom closet and is almost impossible to get to.

This is a tough one. There are two options that will work but really, you should treat and at the same time take measures to keep the cats out for good. Such areas can harbor all kinds of pests. These pests pose all kinds of hazards to your cats. Additionally, the electricity back there poses a whole other set of hazards so this direct access needs to be sealed up so they cannot get inside.

As for what product to use; there are two mentioned in our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE which would serve you well. The DRIONE DUST would be a great option. It can be dusted in the area and because it’s light and “smokey”, it will permeate throughout insuring good coverage. The dust will no doubt get to all the areas and as it settles, it will take care of all exposed stages of fleas in the area.

Another option you could use would be the PRECOR 2000 AEROSOL. It too would permeate throughout the space well and should take care of all stages.

After treating, installing a flea trap would be smart. This would help “collect” any rogue fleas and prevent them from migrating out into the living space.

I also strongly recommend setting up some more Flea Traps in the home to monitor the rest of the house. If more activity is noted, treating the house would certainly be warranted. This is a bad year for fleas and it will only get worse as the fall arrives unless you take precautionary measures now.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

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Drione Dust:  www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page1698.html

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