fleas in walls

would the yr long flea powder work in the walls? what would? we are very badly infested; the bomb did not work!

If you take some time to review our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see we make no mention of “bombs” as a viable way to treat any flea problem. That’s because they don’t work. All they’ll do is kill exposed fleas and as our article explains, adult fleas only live a few days and die so killing them won’t help the problem. The reason you have a problem is because there are lots of eggs and pupae throughout the home which need to be controlled if want them gone. And as our article explains, you’ll need to treat with some of our sprays or ONCE A YEAR FLEA POWDER if your trying to get rid of them as these are the only good products to use for existing problems. Personally I prefer the Powder because it’s easy to use, works so well on carpets and you only have to apply it once a year. Combined with some FLEA TRAPS set up in the home and you’ll have all you need to break the flea cycle within a few weeks.

Now if you have reason to believe there are in fact fleas inside the walls, you could treat them with PYGANIC DUST. This could be injected using a HAND DUSTER but following the treatment, you should seal the wall voids up to prevent any pet from having access. In fact, the only way fleas could be in the walls would be if you had a dog or cat going up inside them. As our article explains, flea eggs will fall off pets and other animals as they move around the home. So in most cases, the eggs will land on carpeting and furniture where the fleas will further develop. But they won’t move into wall voids and there is no way they could get there unless the pet was going there so there is a good chance no fleas are there now and no such treatment is needed.

So in summary, make sure the home and pet are treated as explained in our article. If you follow these guidelines using the products we have listed in our article, you’ll break the flea cycle no matter how bad it is.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

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