flea infestation remedies

I have a flea infestation and was wondering what kind of remedies you offer that would be safe to use. I don’t like spraying because it takes so long for my carpets to dry. but right now the fleas are so bad my cat doesn’t want to be on the floor and it seems like they’re worse than ever before. Is there something I can use that will be safe for my pet and still be effective?

Fleas can readily take over any house or apartment if given the chance. Areas left untreated can quickly become a flea breeding ground inside as explained in our FLEA CONTROL article. Cats, dogs and many other common household pets can all contribute to such an infestation and though most people think fleas come from “outside”, in most cases the key to getting rid of the fleas is to treat inside.

Flea infestation remedies range from liquid to aerosol to powder to granules. Clearly products like PRECOR 2000 and PERMETHRIN and NYLAR applied to carpeting and hardwood floors can do wonders at reducing the local flea population. But the ONCE A YEAR FLEA GRANULES are very effective and one of the most mild treatment options currently available. Odorless and long lasting, I suggest this flea remedy quite often and our customers love it. Simply sprinkle it out, broom it into the carpet and you’re done for a good year. Combine this treatment with some FLEA TRAPS and you’ll be able to keep the house protected without having the inconvenience of normal flea sprays.