non-toxic flea spray

Do you carry any non-toxic spray for fleas and their eggs?

We have some really low impact type sprays and treatment options that you might can call a non-toxic spray for fleas. Mind you these won’t work as quickly because they won’t be acutely toxic. But they will be equally if not better in the long run. As explained in our FLEA CONTROL article, breaking the flea cycle is paramount to long term flea control.

Our favorite non-toxic flea product is the ONCE A YEAR FLEA TREATMENT. These boron based granules are like salt. Simply sprinkle them out over carpeted areas, broom them and leave them there for a year or more. They work by dehydrating flea egges and larvae so it’s very effective for long term control. Unfortunately it’s not going to do anything for the adult fleas so you should consider setting out some FLEA TRAPS to help with any that are active. The Traps will catch adult fleas quite well and this will make the residence livable.

Another option to consider is the ECO IC CONCENTRATE. This product is made from Food and will control many insects including fleas. You can read information we have posted on our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL site; here is a direct link to the ECO IC.