poodle with itchy skin

Not fleas like I’ve seen before. My dogs a 6 pound poodle. I can’t see anything on her skin or after flea bath ? What else could it be ? I feel like I itch when I’m around her!

It’s funny how many people automatically believe dogs have fleas just because they scratch. The action of scratching, whether by a cat, dog or person, should not be interpreted to mean there is an active flea infestation. Only when you are able to confirm active fleas should you conclude the condition to exist; as our FLEA CONTROL ARTICLE explains, fleas are quite visible and easy to detect on both people and pets when active. In fact, the act of washing a pet will be a great time to see them. If you’ve not noticed them come off the dog or in the wash water during the bathing process, I’m pretty sure there are no fleas causing the itching.

So if it’s not fleas what can it be? The potential list is long. In most cases it’s related to over washing, the type of washing agent being used when washing the pet or a change in their skin condition. When the condition of their skin changes, it’s usually related to something different in their lives like getting older, drier than normal “air” conditions where they live (which commonly exist in homes with AC throughout the house) or possibly even something different they’re now eating. But it could also be something new in their environment like a new toy, a new blanket or piece of furniture they’re contacting or even a new washing detergent being used to wash a blanket or other pet bedding they lie on. The point is the list can be quite long and many times it’s hard to figure out. Consulting a vet can sometimes help but one of the best ways to deal with the problem directly is to employ some anti-itching agents to their skin. This is simple, low in cost and non invasive. In other words, before you start changing their diet and the whole “world” around the pet, consider these two options first.

For starters, we’ve found the OXY MED ITCH SPRAY to help with most any common itch behavior relating to an animals skin. Apply as needed and in most cases, this product alone will resolve the matter. It works instantly and in most cases, problematic scratching is reduced by 90%+ and the matter is resolved within a day or two. Another option is to try a change of washing agent. Use the MELALUCA SHAMPOO which naturally prevents itching. Compared to common pet shampoos, this product soothes the skin and when combined with the Oxy Med, most scratching conditions are cleared up and the skin is allowed to heal and go back to how it was before.

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