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I recently have found fleas on my indoor animals. What do you recommend for treatment both inside and outside to rid my house and animals of fleas?

I think it would be best for you to first look over our in depth FLEA CONTROL article. This covers everything you’re asking about including the best products for the pet, the treatment options for inside the home as well as the best sprays for outside the home. Our article goes over just enough biology on fleas so you can learn why this pest is such a problem in and around the home. We then detail how you need to treat, why you need to do some things a certain way and then what to expect following the treatments.

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I ordered your product and in conjunction with Ultracide for my house, I am hoping to be rid of those dastardly fleas.  I have 5 cats.  They have never been outside a day in their life, but I have probably brought fleas in and have had 5 cats in misery despite the fact that for the past 4 months, they have been on Frontline Plus.  Another mystery to me.

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