new carpet


HELP.  We have a rental house.  Started bombing and spraying with (Walmart) over the counter sprays first of August (Bad infestation when renter moved out).  Then had the carpet steam cleaned, then had local pest control co. come and spray/bomb 2 times.  We vacume every day – still were gettin fleas so we at the end of August took out all of the carpet. (There is no furniture in the home).  Used sprays from the Co-Op.  Used Borax 3 times.  Now for over a week we have been using Precor 2000, Masterline Bifenthrin, and Martins IGR.  As we vacume each day we still get 3 or 4 fleas every day.  Scared to put back down new carpet.  How do we ever get rid of all these fleas.  We have sprayed every corner, cabinet, under the house and treated the entire yard (never seen any in the yard). Do you have any ideas or suggestions?  WE ARE DESPERATE!

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